Motul 300V Synthetic Racing Oil – 0W20 High RPM (2 Ltr. Can)

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2 Liter Bottle.

If only the best will do, or if hot spots can reach 350 C/750 F, your race engine needs Motul 300 V. Motul 300 V features the best Ester synthetic technology that has been adapted from Jet planes to car racing: ultra low-friction for more horsepower, oil temperature up to 185 C/365 F, 0% shear loss to keep full protection past the finish line!! 300 V Esters will also leave a film to prevent metal-to-metal start-ups.

Hill climbing, qualifying tests, monotype races, N group…Engines causing a very low oil dilution by the fuel.All circuit races, rallyes,…Gasoline or Diesel conventional engines, Turbo or atmospheric, with or without catalytic converter,using standard or unleaded fuel, gasoil, L.P.G…

References HONDA MUGEN – OSELLA ALFA ROMEO …Exceeds standards API SH / CFEster synthetic bases and the specific anti-friction additivation allow to increase significantly the oilresistance film, to reduce frictions in the engine, to maintain the oil pressure, and generally to decreaseworking temperature.Extreme resistance against coking at high temperature.Provides a better oil circulation, easier revs-up, a very efficient cooling.

* Double Ester technology’s two types of esters provide excellent lubricity, better engine response and maximum engine RPM
* For use in all high performance 4-stroke engines
* For road racing, motorcross and bikes with or without a catalytic converter
* Exceeds existing standards
* Passes JASO T904 wet clutch compatibility test
* 0% shear loss on Bosch ASTM D6278 tes

Here’s a post on Bob Is The Oil Guy with a Blackstone report of the 300V

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