Tak-Rings (Modern A/C Knob Gap-Filler Rings)


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These fill the gap when upgrading your AC Control Knobs to the newer dial style.  Not only do these rings block off any light spill out from the new knobs, but they will also make the knobs more stable.  These rings come in a pack of 3.  The finish is a mild texture that will look like it was meant to be there.

This product listing is for 3 Tak-Rings ONLY.  No knobs or panel are included.

Before installing, check the fitment of your knob with the ring (Textured side goes toward the knob).  This will make sure there are no issues before pressing the rings into place in the AC panel.  They fit very tight and may be a little difficult to remove without taking the panel off.

NOTE: Not all knobs will work with these rings.  Please be sure you have the correct knobs before ordering or some modification may be necessary.  The following knobs and the many other clones out there work perfectly with these rings:


  1. Remove existing knobs.
  2. press the rings into the openings making sure the textured side faces out (toward you).
  3. press your new knobs onto the posts.
  4. Enjoy the awesomeness.

If you have any issues with fitment, please contact support to resolve your issue.

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